Hummus Afternoon Delight!

So I had tried hummus a while back & thought it was absolutely revolting! I’m not a fan of chickpeas & neither is my husband HOWEVER since we are giving our bodies a reboot & trying to be healthier…..we decided to give it another go….

OMG the hummus obsession! I don’t know if we just had a bad one that time or what but this time we are absolutely crazy about it! Even my 2 year old is loving her some hummus! We bought the Sabra kind that comes in individual containers for snacking. So here’s a little hummus lunch (it can be a snack too) creation I made for myself:

Whole wheat bread- 1 slice
Hummus- 1 or 2 Tbsp
Few slices of tomato
Few slices of cucumber
Fat free feta cheese- .5 oz
Salt/pepper to taste

Toast the bread, smear on the hummus, add tomato slices, add cucumber slices, sprinkle feta, sprinkle salt/pepper & yummy! So satisfying! Loving this hummus stuff!
Please share any ideas for hummus creations!


Healthy easy breakfast

Just had to share this easy breakfast real quick….love looking for easy tasty healthy recipes especially to share with my little one! This is from cooking light magazine (one of my fav sources)…

Quinoa 3/4 cup cooked
1/4 cup reduced fat buttermilk
1/2 cup strawberries
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons toasted almonds

Heat up the quinoa with the buttermilk in microwave 45 secs

Add honey, almonds and strawberries on top & enjoy!

So easy & my two year old enjoyed it too!


Oats & Fruits & Nuts, Oh My!


One of my favorite things to eat is oatmeal and its so good for you too! Now that my daughter is one, the fun begins and I can experiment with all the different foods! Love seeing her reaction to different tastes & textures! Here’s a quick and simple oatmeal dish I made for us just the other morning! (She loved it by the way!)

Fruity Nutty Oatmeal

Raw Oats

Sliced Bananas (or you can put blueberries, raspberries or any fruit you’d like)

Little Brown Sugar (or honey)

Golden Yellow Raisins

Crushed Almonds

Dash of Cinnamon 

Milk (I like mine creamy)

Let it simmer for like 5-7 mins on low heat so it doesn’t stick and let the yummy goodness begin!

How do you enjoy your oatmeal ? 😉