My Special Little Valentine Birthday…



This is was my Valentines gift last year…best gift ever! I couldn’t let today go by without dedicating at least one post to my little “Fifi”…I will reveal some truths about myself in this one.

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I wanted children I would have looked at you like you were crazy!!! I might’ve even laughed at you. I was such a different person then in so many ways!! There are so many things, events, people, places that change a person aren’t there? Its really crazy. I was always awkward with kids, didn’t know how to act with them at all, it was terrible…I might even say I just didn’t like them. I was all about the party, hanging out, having a good time & acting crazy. I was the girl that planned on living in a beautiful loft with glass windows from ceiling to floor with a kitchen that had stainless steel appliances and a sleek modern look…lol. I wanted to be “Carrie Bradshaw” or “Samantha Jones”. LOL No kids, great place, if I was dating a guy great if not whatever….so long story short I was told I couldn’t have kids and there goes that life event that changes me….

I knew I didn’t want to have kids and that was my choice right? “Choice” being the keyword in that sentence….wait now you’re telling me I don’t have a choice?! There I was in that Dr’s office feeling like I didn’t know what was going on, thinking to myself “did I understand her correctly?”, I mean she has an accent so maybe I didn’t understand her so I repeated back what I thought she said and she confirmed it for me once more.

I left the Dr’s office feeling empty, sad and just in disbelief. Why did I feel sad? Perhaps, it was cause I didn’t realize I wanted kids until someone told me I couldn’t have them. Isn’t it funny how that works, someone tells you, you can’t have that and all of a sudden its all you can think about wanting!!!

Again, long story short but I met someone worthwhile in my life and he knew my story…he was actually a great support to me at the time (as a friend). We bought a house together and just decided we wanted to try to have a baby even if all odds were against us and if all else failed, adoption was also an option. We just went about our lives with the “whatever happens happens” mentality and what happened was that 2 years later I got pregnant with my little Sofia! I guess its true that whats meant to be will be….

Today was her first birthday! I can’t believe how time has flown by and I can’t believe I almost missed out on being a mom and having this experience! Love my life! Guess I’ve been domesticated as they say…lol…loved my party days and sometimes I miss them but I wouldn’t trade my life now for my old one at all!

Happy Birthday my little Valentine! ❤

Also love taking pics of her, she is very photogenic! (I think at least lol)

What’s your “Ah ha moment”?

Hope you all had a great day!

Coffee Anyone?

Has anyone thought about the amount of work that goes into our delightful coffee beans?! Its really quite beautiful to me. I remember seeing them basking in the sun when I was visiting Colombia as a child. I asked what that was all about and I was given a short lesson about how the beans are hand picked, hand cleaned and laid out to dry in the sun for periods of time…I just thought it was incredible and as a child I was fascinated.

So I myself am a daily coffee drinker, I don’t discriminate I’ll try them all! 😉 I’ve had coffee from a gas station thats tasted better than Starbucks! Right now I’m drinking “Chock Full O Nuts”-Original. I tend to prefer a nuttier, medium roast or a roast with a winey note but like I said I will give them all a shot! I used to have a Keurig, but it broke and to be quite honest don’t really think I’ll miss it! So in its place I have an old fashioned percolator that I bought for $5.00 from one of my grandmothers friends at a tag sale. Best deal ever! Thinking about getting a Nespresso machine because I love the coffee flavors!!! (My mom has one)

I love me some Colombian coffee (and not because thats my nationality lol), however a nice cup from Brazil or India sounds pretty good too….what kind of coffee do you like? how do you take your coffee? I myself take it with half & half and brown sugar! I’ll take suggestions for coffee? Coffee machines?? Or just general thoughts on coffee are welcome!

Have a great day!

What I’m trying to do here…

Perhaps I’m like the millions of people trying to make themselves known but so be it…this blog will be about my daily food encounters such as I went to this restaurant and the chicken parm was amazing or I had the best gelato at this place in Italy…not only will it be food critiquing but I will talk about what I made for dinner or maybe a great recipe I found somewhere!! Maybe I’ll talk about what my daughter Sofia ate, who knows…I’m no expert chef or anything but there are many food things to discuss and many people out there would agree with me! So lets join food forces and discuss!

I’m also into photography…again not an expert by any means but would like to be and am slowly learning! So perhaps you’ll see I’ll discuss a pic or take a pic and share it with the world! Like for instance I like taking pics of doors and windows…weird right but there are so many different styles and some can be actually quite beautiful especially in Europe (but there’s a lot of beautiful everything in Europe)

Really, just looking to learn, share, discuss, be creative! 😉