Hummus Afternoon Delight!

So I had tried hummus a while back & thought it was absolutely revolting! I’m not a fan of chickpeas & neither is my husband HOWEVER since we are giving our bodies a reboot & trying to be healthier…..we decided to give it another go….

OMG the hummus obsession! I don’t know if we just had a bad one that time or what but this time we are absolutely crazy about it! Even my 2 year old is loving her some hummus! We bought the Sabra kind that comes in individual containers for snacking. So here’s a little hummus lunch (it can be a snack too) creation I made for myself:

Whole wheat bread- 1 slice
Hummus- 1 or 2 Tbsp
Few slices of tomato
Few slices of cucumber
Fat free feta cheese- .5 oz
Salt/pepper to taste

Toast the bread, smear on the hummus, add tomato slices, add cucumber slices, sprinkle feta, sprinkle salt/pepper & yummy! So satisfying! Loving this hummus stuff!
Please share any ideas for hummus creations!


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