A little nugget goes a long way!

Crack, crack goes the eggs, clink clink clink goes the fork that scrambles the eggs, crunch crunch crunch goes the pepper mill…then perhaps you hear a shuffle of a veggie and a chop chop and of course you hear a sizzle when things hit the pans to cook! Love it! Love breakfast time, it is truly deep down one of my favorite meals! We could dedicate blogs and blogs to eggs alone let alone breakfast! 

I remember being woken up by my Aunt Emma in Colombia, ever so gently she’d sit down at the edge of my bed and she’d brush the hair out of my face as she’d say “Mi Reina, mi vida, levantase a comer desayuno” which translates to “My Queen, My Life wake up to eat breakfast”. Such a sweet memory I’ll always have of her. Breakfast here is somewhat different from a breakfast in Colombia of course from taste to selections. The produce there is of course so different in taste and freshness! Here, a good example of american breakfast might be 2 eggs, bacon, toast & home fries (YUM by the way). In Colombia, it might be eggs scrambled with tomato & scallion with an arepa (its usually made of white corn or yellow corn, looks like thick tortilla) & white cheese (very specific cheese) on the side…oh and don’t forget a nice hot chocolate (again very different hot chocolate than you are probably imagining). Its just simply mmmm mmmm Yummy!!!  Now that I’ve probably enticed you for a Colombian breakfast, I’m gonna share a yummy breakfast I made this morning which has nothing to do with Colombia at all…lol, sorry! I just like to experiment so I just whipped up something real quick with whatever I had…lol, hope you enjoy!


“Scrambled Nuggets”




2 Eggs 

Splash of Milk

Sprinkle of Salt

Sprinkle of Pepper

1 scallion chopped

2 tablespoon cilantro chopped

4 Chicken Nuggets (your fav brand, mine is the Dino ones, lol)

1 Whole Wheat tortilla (I use Chi-Chi’s brand)


Scramble the eggs, milk, salt, pepper with a fork in a small bowl. Pour mixture into skillet (which has been sprayed with a little pam) and add chopped cilantro & scallion. While egg is cooking, bake chicken nuggets in toaster oven and heat up the tortilla on the stove over the fire (if you have gas) or in a skillet.

Arrange Egg on top of tortilla and lastly chicken nuggets on top! Eat it like a giant breakfast taco and add a condiment  if you like!

What did you make or eat for breakfast this morning?

Enjoy everyone & have a great day!


Sources: consideringcolombia.blogspot.com, mycolombianrecipes.com, wikipedia

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