Love me some Sudado!

Who doesn’t love some “comfort” food right? What is comfort food? To most people they think comfort food and link it to southern food or a hearty meal. I think comfort food and it could mean a hot dog with bacon, mustard & relish! lol, why not?!

Comfort food is just that…comforting to one, like food therapy, lol. So my favorite Uncle Eddie comes to visit for a few days and loves to cook right (in case you didn’t know my family background is Colombian) and last night he says “what do we have to eat?” I said “not really much left but some chicken, potatoes, yucca root, carrots and leftover rice from last night”…

So at first he suggests some $5.00 hot-n-ready pizza from Lil Cesar’s and some dessert from our local bakery (mmmm) and I was ok with that at the moment….then he says “Or I could make a sudado” ….Of course I jumped up at the offer of one my favorite Colombian meals!! $5.00 pizza was no competition to that at all!!!

So “sudado” basically translates to the method in which the food is cooked, the food is cooked basically by “sweating”. You can pretty much use the meat you’d like or mix it up…chicken, beef, pork (wouldn’t really recommend fish or anything that could fall apart easily). You could also opt out of meat if you’re not into meat, the veggies taste good all alone too! One of the key ingredients to making this taste as it should is called “Trigisar”, you can get it at Compare Foods, C-Town or any ethnic supermarket. To me a sudado wouldn’t be the same without Yucca root, it could go without potatoes but its an option. Needs olive oil, lemon to soften the meat, pepper,cilantro, tomato (a good amount) and some water (for the sweating). Now you can serve it up with the traditional “arepa” (which shall be another post in the future) or some white rice (I know what you’re all thinking rice, potatoes, yucca root! Oh my!) or both! Its a hearty meal so def leave room in your tummy for the occasion!! =) Thanks Uncle Eddie, you are always welcome to come cook for us!! 😉

This is just one for me but its so delicious, reminds me of my Mamita (grandma). In Colombia, this would be the main meal of the day which would actually be lunch not dinner. This is def a meal thats good for the soul!!

There are so many foods that equal “comfort” to each of us so whats one of yours?


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