What I’m trying to do here…

Perhaps I’m like the millions of people trying to make themselves known but so be it…this blog will be about my daily food encounters such as I went to this restaurant and the chicken parm was amazing or I had the best gelato at this place in Italy…not only will it be food critiquing but I will talk about what I made for dinner or maybe a great recipe I found somewhere!! Maybe I’ll talk about what my daughter Sofia ate, who knows…I’m no expert chef or anything but there are many food things to discuss and many people out there would agree with me! So lets join food forces and discuss!

I’m also into photography…again not an expert by any means but would like to be and am slowly learning! So perhaps you’ll see I’ll discuss a pic or take a pic and share it with the world! Like for instance I like taking pics of doors and windows…weird right but there are so many different styles and some can be actually quite beautiful especially in Europe (but there’s a lot of beautiful everything in Europe)

Really, just looking to learn, share, discuss, be creative! 😉

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