Coffee Anyone?

Has anyone thought about the amount of work that goes into our delightful coffee beans?! Its really quite beautiful to me. I remember seeing them basking in the sun when I was visiting Colombia as a child. I asked what that was all about and I was given a short lesson about how the beans are hand picked, hand cleaned and laid out to dry in the sun for periods of time…I just thought it was incredible and as a child I was fascinated.

So I myself am a daily coffee drinker, I don’t discriminate I’ll try them all! 😉 I’ve had coffee from a gas station thats tasted better than Starbucks! Right now I’m drinking “Chock Full O Nuts”-Original. I tend to prefer a nuttier, medium roast or a roast with a winey note but like I said I will give them all a shot! I used to have a Keurig, but it broke and to be quite honest don’t really think I’ll miss it! So in its place I have an old fashioned percolator that I bought for $5.00 from one of my grandmothers friends at a tag sale. Best deal ever! Thinking about getting a Nespresso machine because I love the coffee flavors!!! (My mom has one)

I love me some Colombian coffee (and not because thats my nationality lol), however a nice cup from Brazil or India sounds pretty good too….what kind of coffee do you like? how do you take your coffee? I myself take it with half & half and brown sugar! I’ll take suggestions for coffee? Coffee machines?? Or just general thoughts on coffee are welcome!

Have a great day!

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